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This blog is about how the world is viewed by the visual and the visually impaired. The intent of this blog is to bring the two worlds together. It is administered by two fabulous sisters, Toni, who is sighted and Robin, who became visually impaired in 2002 at the age of 18 due to misdiagnosis.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Entering into the Unknown...

Sadness, fear, and frustration were just a few of the feelings that I was experiencing during the time I lost my eyesight. Week after week I literally watched my eyesight deteriorate before my eyes, not knowing when or if it would ever stop. It was really hard for me to deal with my situation because one week I was able to see print, the next I was only able to see shapes and barely count fingers. Throughout this whole process, I was told that my eyesight would probably come back, and if it did it would be within six months to one year.
I built up a false sense of hope that I would be able to return to my old routine of living life. Well, when six months passed and then one year, I realized that my hope to see again was becoming less of a reality for me. I was losing a major sense that I was heavily dependent on to help me function and maneuver within society. I lost my ability to drive my car, watch the changing of seasons, view scenery, and simply just having the ability to physically look at others that stood before me. I could go on forever talking about the things I miss doing when I had my eyesight, but the point is that my life has changed for as long as I know, and I must make the best out of my situation. The white cane that I use to guide me is not only a tool to signify to society that I am blind, but it is also a representation to me of what I have gone through and will face in the future; a life with no sight.

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