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This blog is about how the world is viewed by the visual and the visually impaired. The intent of this blog is to bring the two worlds together. It is administered by two fabulous sisters, Toni, who is sighted and Robin, who became visually impaired in 2002 at the age of 18 due to misdiagnosis.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Niece's Love...

I love to watch the interaction between my daughter Imani and my sister...the love that Imani has for her aunt is so pure. Tee-Tee is what Imani calls her. Robin lost her sight around the time I had Imani, so she's never seen Imani. When she asked me what Imani looks like I just tell her to remember a picture of me when I was Imani's age and that will give her an idea of what she looks like. Imani knows that Robin cannot see and she takes pride in leading Robin and telling Robin when to "step" when she comes to a curb or stairs or telling her where something is. What really amazes me is the mind of the child, it is so non-discriminating and accepting of all people regardless of any differences; and then unfortunatley as a child grows up they become effected by all the pollution lingering out in the world. This past week I took Imani to an amusement center, and of course she wanted Tee-Tee to come because Tee-Tee's so much fun! She insisted that Robin go on the bumper cars with her and play ski ball to help her win tickets! I'm sure that was some ride for Robin...allowing a 6 year old to steer and not being able to see! She's a brave one! This is what I love so much about Imani's relationship with Robin, she knows that Robin is blind, but she does not treat her any different, all she knows and cares about is that this is her Tee-Tee and that's who she enjoys spending her time with. Imani was so proud of the prize she got because Tee-Tee won the tickets for her! Wouldn't it be nice if we all could go back to that way of thinking...to treat everyone the same regardless of any differences or disabilities? Imagine being able to look past all of the superficial things and look at what matters the most, a persons character and heart.

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  1. Children are beautiful angels! We should all be more like them!