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This blog is about how the world is viewed by the visual and the visually impaired. The intent of this blog is to bring the two worlds together. It is administered by two fabulous sisters, Toni, who is sighted and Robin, who became visually impaired in 2002 at the age of 18 due to misdiagnosis.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Comfort Zone...

Robin calls me Thursday night to ask me to go to a comedy show with her on Friday...at first I was hesitant because I know how raw some comedians can get. I remembered when my cousin told me about when she and her husband who is over weight went to the comedy show and the comedian kept picking on him. She said it was funny at first but then it got to be offensive. Robin is very sensitive and could not take that type of joking, so me being the protective sister that I am, I was praying that I wouldn't have to beat anybody's butt that night lol! Oh let me back up, before I get to the show, as stated in my previous blog, my sister kills me being a blind back seat driver lol! It was dark and raining on our way to the comedy show, and I cannot see well at night, so she's trying to direct me on how to drive, like she can really help me lol! Anyway the comedian we went to see was Donnell Rawlings aka Ashy Larry from the Dave Chappelle Show...we sat in the 3rd row...we sat down Robin folded up her cane and slid it under her seat. Here I am sitting on the end front view of the stage...so I'm not even worried about Robin anymore...I'm worried about myself getting clowned on! All of the comedians were hilarious and they did pick on some people in the front, but it was all in good fun. I just made sure I did not make any eye contact because I did not want to be the subject of anybody's jokey joke lol! We were crying laughing the entire time! We had so much fun! I was glad that we went and had gotten over the fear and assumption that someone is going to be mean or make fun of Robin, just because of a few negative experiences that we've encountered. I'm sure that even without a disability there are some things that we refuse to do or try because we have a preconceived notion of how the experience is going to be and we end up missing out on a lot in life. I was watching Joel Osteen yesterday and one thing he said really stood out to me and is so true...if you want to experience God's best you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take risk. I challenge everyone to do that one thing you've always wanted to do but haven't because either someone told you that you couldn't, you're afraid, you've had a prior negative experience or whatever else is holding you back; you may be very surprised and end up having the time of your life!

My First Comedy Show...

Excitement, yet sheer nervousness entered my body as the time approached for me to go to my first comedy show. Taking my last blog titled, “Jokes, Mockery, or Marginalization?” into consideration, I was worried that the comedians would single me out because of my obvious disability. When I entered the Comedy Works building, accompanied by my sister, we were met by a lot of people crowded in the lobby area. My sister and I met up with my friend, who invited us and some others to the show. My friend was hoping that we would be seated in the front row, while I was hoping otherwise. LOL! However, we were seated close, in the third row to be exact. It was funny because even though she won’t admit it, I think my sister was nervous that one or both of us would be singled out. What made me come to this conclusion is when my sister asked me if I had to go to the restroom because we would have to walk in front of the stage in order to get there. Well, when the show finally started, sure enough there were some people singled out in the audience for the comic’s amusement, luckily neither I or any of the people I was with were subjected to embarrassment. As the show went on, there was one joke involving blind individuals, particularly referencing Stevie Wonder. I have to say, the show was funny and I laughed really hard at several parts. Once the show was over, I made a sigh of relief that I did not have to be the brunt of the comic’s jokes. Overall, it was a fun evening! Has anyone ever been to a comedy show? If so, please share your experiences!