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This blog is about how the world is viewed by the visual and the visually impaired. The intent of this blog is to bring the two worlds together. It is administered by two fabulous sisters, Toni, who is sighted and Robin, who became visually impaired in 2002 at the age of 18 due to misdiagnosis.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yesterday we went to the oh so fabulous MAC Cosmetics counter to try out the new spring colors. All I can say is DELISH ladies!!! Purples, pinks, golds so many choices...which do I choose!!! Luckily my makeup guy knows his stuff and can always point me into the right direction as to which color compliments my skin and knows exactly what I will and will not wear...Robin has her favorite guy that she goes to as well. I decided to try the purples, Robin stuck to the neutrals. Robin has great resources to help her stay divalicious...me of course (smile), her makeup guy at MAC...he tells her what looks good on her and explains how to apply the makeup in a very detailed and descriptive manner, and her hair stylist who keeps her hair tight and brows tamed (thank goodness! You've heard about the eyebrow incident...Robin tried to arched them herself! Good thing they grew back!) Blind/visually impaired individuals are no different than the sighted, just because they can't see doesn't mean that they do not care about their appearance. Robin and I had a discussion about this and she said if she had not been previously sighted or had people to ask about fashion/style how would she know what to was in style or what looked good? She said that there is nothing out there that helps. My suggestions would be if you are blind/visually impaired ask some of your sighted friends who have the same taste as you or know you pretty well to know what you will or will not wear, or go to an image consultant who specializes in looking at the shape of your face to let you know what hairstyles look good on you; what colors compliment your skin tone and what clothes work best with your lifestyle. Image consultants can be a benefit to everyone, sighted or not, and can work with every budget. Joy Love of Joy Love's Hair and Image Studio Inc. is FABULOUS!!!! Check her page out on Facebook.
Until next time....stay beautiful!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brain Overload ~ Just Some Thoughts....

Whew!!! Let me tell you it has been a whirlwind! A friend from www.framethemoment.com (great family owned photography business...check it out!) was telling me about the different ways to social network to get the business name out there...how to link facebook, twitter, blogspot and website all together...ummmm can I just tell you all of this was way over my head! BRAIN OVERLOAD!!! I linked everything the best way I could, even had to rig a couple of things lol! Hopefully it will drive you to the right place without blowing your computer up! Just kidding! Don't forget Robin is the techy in the family...not me...she still has to help me download music to my iPod! Luckily my hubbie is a techy so he can help me get it all sorted out. It's just amazing what you can do with technology. I really want to be able to hit the masses so that Beautifully Blind Inc. Foundation can help as many people as possible. You go through life trying to figure out what is my purpose...why was I put on this earth...what am I suppose to be doing with my life? I totally think I've found my purpose, which is to help people. I think you know what your purpose is when you find something you like to do and it makes you feel good inside and touches other people. I think the same goes for my sister Robin...I think her purpose is to help people too...she's a good listener and gives good advice. Beautifully Blind Inc started out as an idea to start a blog to help Robin express her feelings to cope with losing her eyesight and has branched out into a business to help those that are visually impaired get the aids they need to help them live productive lives. So many wonderful people have been put in our lives and have helped bring the vision to a reality and we thank you! I am now planning our first fundraiser! I will keep you posted! Thanks for the support and please continue to support us so that we can help those who don't have the means to get the tools they need.

Until next time! Smooches ~ make the best of every day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Roses are red, violets are blue;
although I am blind, I am still a person like you!
So, please include me; I like to have fun too!
Look beyond my white cane, and you will see,
I am personable, smart, and very funny;
But most importantly, I am still me!
When you ignore me or pretend I am not there,
It makes me think and feel that you really don’t care.
Take the time to look deep, deep, inside,
You’ll find our relationship is more than a prize!

Communication is an everyday practice that everyone engages in through verbal and nonverbal messages. It is these customary interactions that enable people to form bonds with one another. When it comes to social interactions with blind/visually impaired individuals, some people may feel perplexed. In some cases, communication with a blind/visually impaired individual is viewed as being more difficult than it actually should be. In my opinion, good communication skills such as dialogue, active listening, and empathy are efficient ways to interact with someone. There is no formula on how to relate to a blind/visually impaired individual. What should really take precedence in an interaction is the time spent with one another. It is important to cherish and value the people in your life, no matter what their physical circumstances may be.
Since it is the season of love and appreciation, remember blind/visually impaired individuals like to enjoy themselves as well. Do not assume what a blind/visually impaired individual may or may not want to do, but instead ask the person for their input; whether it is going out to dinner, the movies, bowling, etc. With patience and understanding, activities can be a pleasurable experience. Beautifully Blind wishes all of our readers a Happy Valentine's Day!