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This blog is about how the world is viewed by the visual and the visually impaired. The intent of this blog is to bring the two worlds together. It is administered by two fabulous sisters, Toni, who is sighted and Robin, who became visually impaired in 2002 at the age of 18 due to misdiagnosis.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don’t Count Out The Green Rose-Part I

I have been thinking a lot about life lately, particularly my goals and aspirations. Therefore, I titled this post “Don’t Count Out The Green Rose”. To me, the color green, coupled with the flower, signifies rarity, life, growth, health, and resilience. I believe that we all are like the green rose; rarity in our form, everyone has the power to grow into the person they are meant to be. If you don’t already know, I am an aspiring social worker with my master’s and license in the field of social work. I love helping people and have felt this way from a very young age. However, when it comes to employment, lately, I have been letting my frustrations get the best of me. I have sent out my resumes and had personal job interviews, but to no avail. I know statistically, it is not against the norm for a disabled individual, particularly a blind person to find themselves in the same situation as me, but I refuse to be just a number. Behind the figures, are real people with real talents and capabilities. It can be hard when you feel that you have so much to give, but some employers don’t want to take a chance on you based on assumptions. So, what am I doing to cope with my present circumstances? Well, stay tuned to “Don’t Count Out The Green Rose” Part II, to find out. As always, feel free to leave your feedback because Beautifully Blind, Inc. wants to know!